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Digital Nomad

Work like home

The arrival of the COVID-19 health crisis has hit us all hard.

Both, personally and related to the work, as we had to constantly change our habits.

We do not know if these habits are here to stay or, with the arrival of the new and lond-desired normality, they will disappear and we will be back to the kisses, hugs and the contact that we so sorely miss.


One of the most significant changes is the ability to work from home. Telework does seem to have come to stay, since it has many advantages, such as not wasting time on the route, reconciling family life, being more productive and endless advantages that we discover when we work from where we want.
These advantages are added to an endless number of jobs that are carried out outside the offices and without having a certain place for many online workers who provide their services from the network. To coin a term, would be Digital nomadic.

Nomadic jobs have some extra benefits, such as being able to combine holidays with work, being able to change places for a while to renew energies, the change of scene and the receiving of new ideas that can improve your work.


We are lucky as we are located in the center of Alicante, where you have everything within walking distance like bars, restaurants, terraces, coffee shops, supermarkets, medical centers, pharmacies and not only. The province of  Alicante gives you the opportunity to make a route through the mountain and in less than half an hour to be bathing in a paradise beach, discover an endless number of mountain or coastal villages that will renew your mind, by opening you up new ideas that you can apply in your job.

From Apartamentos Tito, with the arrival of this new paradigm after the COVID-19, we have changed. We not only offer holiday reservations, but also long stays that can go from a few weeks to a month, to be able to disconnect and reconnect with yourself.

Imagine being able to work for a while by the sea, to enjoy a morning walk and, at the end of the day, take a walk through the city, clear your head on top of the castle or put your feet on the seaside without having lost a minute of performance or your working time.


At Apartamentos Tito we have two new offers: weekly offer and monthly offer.
For the weekly offer we make a 15% discount and for the monthly, 25% discount.

What do we offer apart from a privileged place?

  • High speed WIFI
  • Work table and chair (on request)
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Change of sheets and towels
  • Auto check-in
  • Opening doors with mobile phone
  • Nespresso machine
  • Support 24h/7 days week
  • Anti-COVID19 Protocols
  • 15% off a week
  • 25% off month


I’ll tell you the example of Alicia, who was here with us teleworking at Apartamentos Tito with her family.

“This turbulent year, by experiencing work downtimes and because of the introduction of telework and online teaching, my husband and I did not coincide on vacation dates.
Luckily, I found this option at Apartamentos Tito, since we had a week off that did not coincide with the holidays and, no matter what, we had to change the scenery. In addition, I had to finish a very important project to me.

The experience was great, I discovered a very comfortable place to work, I had everything I needed (table and desk chair), high speed wifi and a Nespresso machine to make my coffees. My family was pleased.

I got up a little early and I was doing some work and then we all went to the beach, to the mountain for trips in the nature enjoying some spectacular places where, in addition, we did not find almost anyone.

We explored almost the entire province enjoying Costablanca, taking small trips, as in half an hour you can reach spectacular sites and then return to the comfort of the city.

Not only do I recommend working in this way. To get out of your environment brings you to life and you transfer that positivism to your work. Besides, our project was accepted.”

The most important thing for us is your comfort, we prepare what you need, since you are going to be our guest and we want you to feel at home.

Teleworking from the attic of the Tito San Nicolás Apartment Building

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