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(Español) Descubre la ciudad de Alicante

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Alcoy, the beautiful things are inside the province of Alicante

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Alcoy, the beautiful things are inside the province of Alicante

Alicante is well-known for its golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters. However, our city has many beautiful spots beyond the coast. One of those places is the city of Alcoy. The best way to get to Alcoy from Alicante is to take A7 highway and drive for 50 minutes. For those who do not like to drive, you can take the train at very affordable prices.

History and related monuments

The origins of Alcoy go back to about 40,000 years ago with the first settlements in the area of El Salt. Remains are preserved in caves with rock paintings of hunting scenes. We recommend visiting the primitive cemetery of Los Llometes, Cueva de la Pastora and the villages La Mola Alta de Serelles or El Puig.

Archaeological Museum of Alcoy

Further on, the area was occupied by the Iberian and Roman people whose remains can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Alcoy. El Alcazar, the remains of Castellar or Arab fortress placed to the west of Alcoy are preserved from the Reconquest.


In the XVIIIth century, the War of Succession took place and the people from Alcoy encouraged Carlos, which earned him the suppression of certain privileges. Years later, Felipe V forgave them and granted them privileges creating the Royal Cloth Factory. Next to the factory you can see the Chapel of San Miguel.

St. Michael’s Chapel

The XIXth century left its industrial footprint in modernist streets to travel today as Santa Rita or San Antonio.


Apart from the festivities in honor of the patrons of Virgen de los Lirios and Sant Maure, the most important celebrations in Alcoy are the festival of the Moors and Christians and Christmas Trilogy, both celebrations being of National Tourist Interest.

The festival of the Moors and Christians is celebrated in honor of St. George and its date is not fixed, although it is around April 23. They commemorate the uprising of the Muslims in 1276 where their leader Al-Azraq would die thanks to the divine help of St. George.

Magi Parade

Christmas Trilogy has been celebrated since 1885 and it is the oldest Three King’s Parade in Spain. It is celebrated every 5th of January.


Among the main culinary specialties of Alcoy you cannot fail to try their sausages and tapetes, traditional meal, which are nothing more than appetizers such as aladroc meatballs (anchovies) or espardenyes. Other typical dishes are bajoques farcides, olleta, pericana or borreta.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can enjoy peladillas, torrat or pinyonets. And the typical drink is the liqueur coffee that can be of two types: with coca cola (plis-play) or with iced lemon (mentireta).

Do not stop coming to Alcoy!

(Español) Si tu pasión es el golf, tu destino es Alicante.

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The best places for kids in Alicante

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Alicante is one of the most well-known and touristic cities in Spain. There are a lot of things to do and places to visit in the city, so there is no time to get bored. At Apartamentos Tito, if you are going to come to Alicante with children, we suggest you several activities that you can do with them and places where you can go, perfect for the little ones.

What to visit

Santa Bárbara Castle

It is a must visit place, from where you will have amazing views of the sea and the city and where the little ones will learn, run and play among the archaeological remains of this spectacular castle.

Alicante beaches

They are perfect to enjoy them together with children. Calm waters, fine sand and very low slopes. In addition, many beaches offer playgrounds where the kids can have fun.

Tabarca Island

The children will love this trip, since they will be able to play and have fun in the streets of this small island and observe the marine fauna in one of the many small bays around. In addition, the trip by boat from the city to the island (round trip), you can be certain that it will entertain them a lot.

Places to eat

We strongly recommend the area of Explanada and Maisonnave, where you will find many bars and restaurants of typical food from different countries. Whether you fancy some tapas or prefer a Mexican taco, a hamburger or Italian food, these areas are perfect.

Furthermore, it is essential that children try Peret ice cream. This kiosk is located at one end of Explanada and it has been offered delicious ice creams for many years.

Apart from all these places, you can find lots of children’s parks and play areas. Besides, you can walk through the most important shopping centers of the city (Plaza Mar 2 and Gran Vía), where you will find all kinds of shops (as well as toy stores).

Discover Alicante in 4 days

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Alicante, with more than 3,000 years of history, can be proud of having become a modern and multicultural city. Currently, it is one of the most tourist cities in Spain for its pleasant climate, its fabulous beaches and an incredible cultural and leisure offer. What can be done in Alicante when you have, for example, 4 days to visit it? From Apartamentos Tito we give you the clue to take advantage of them.

Alicante in 4 days

First day

The first stop is the historic centre of El Barrio. This neighborhood was developed around Santa Bárbara Castle, and it is an iconic medieval monument in the city, placed on the top of Mount Benacantil, and famous for its exhibitions on the history of the place and its dramatised tours. El Barrio is known for its narrow and steep streets flanked by remains of the medieval wall and by the polychromatic facades of its houses with lattices covered with flowers. Another places not to be missed are the Cathedral of San Nicolás, the hermitage of San Roque and the hermitage of Santa Cruz.

To finish the day, let yourself get carried away by the lively nightlife of the bars, restaurants and pubs with their jazz concerts.

Second day

The marine environment around El Puerto, next to the coast, is spectacular. Its prestigious restaurants, the typical seafood taverns, bingo, countless shops, its promenades or the aquarium could be some of the plans for this day. In addition, street art festivals are held in summer.

Third day

For shoppers there is a shopping paradise, Gran Vía. This huge shopping center has more than 100 shops, restaurants, cinemas and different leisure activities ideal to spend a whole day.

Fourth day

There is nothing like ending the visit with a relaxing day at the beach. Alicante can boast of having some of the best beaches in Europe, one of them in the very center of the city,  Postiguet beach or the tourist beach of San Juan.

The best shopping places in Alicante

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Alicante is a city plenty of shopping centres and all kind of different shops: clothing stores, gift shops, electronic stores,  decoration shops and more besides.  If you are staying in one of our apartments, very well located next  to the best shopping areas, definitely you will find all that you are looking for nearby.

Through this article we will talk about some of the best shopping centres and streets where you can go shopping and leave with  your hands full of bags.

Go shopping in Alicante

We start by talking about Explanada, one of the most touristic and well-known area in town. This is a promenade where several decoration stands, leather items, clothes, soaps and many more products stands are installed. Maisonnave avenue is a very important place if you want to go shopping in Alicante. There, you can find a great variety of all kind of shops, especially fashion stores, although you can also find decoration, jewelry, music and book shops.

Gerona Street also stands out for its shoe stores and its local fashion firms specialized in articles and wedding dresses. Alfonso el Sabio avenue ends at Plaza de los Luceros and it is a street full of restaurants, bars and, of course, shops of all kinds.

Shopping centres

We also recommend to go to one of the three shopping centres in the city: Gran Vía, Plaza Mar 2 and Puerta de Alicante. The first two are the greatest and inside of them you can find fashion stores, pet shops, jewelery and toy stores, stationery stores, grocery stores, home decoration shops, beauty shops … and much more!

If you are looking for clothes, all the areas and shopping centers mentioned above are perfect. On the other hand, if you are looking for items for home decoration, the Central Market, the Main Theater and Maisonnave are the perfect areas.

Alicante in December: the magic of Mediterranean Christmas

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Alicante is a very special city, but it is even more on Christmas. Gently enlightened, the Christmas spirit conquers the city and offers all kind of activities to enjoy the most magical time of the year. Furthermore,  if these Christmas days you are housed at Apartments Tito, you will enjoy the Christmas decorations and the atmosphere that filled the historic city center.

What to do in Alicante during Christmas

The great focus of Camí de Nadal 2017 will be the kids. Thus, many of these activities are designed for children to feel all the magic of Christmas.

In La Ereta Park we will find the House of Santa Claus. Apart from receiving one of the main characters of this time of year, it will also house craft workshops, to encourage the creativity of the children. To enjoy the outdoors of the city, a mountain with descents in sledges will also be installed in the Plaza de la Montañeta.

But if there is something that cannot be missing in a Christmas celebration,  is the atmosphere created by the Three Wise Men’s day parade. Alicante will receive the Magi on January 5, in an one-hour parade through the most emblematic streets of the city. The parade ends at Plaza del Ayuntamiento,  Town Hall Square, where an ice rink will be installed.

The elderly will enjoy the great variety of markets that will complement the streets of the city. The Mercadillo de la Cascaruja and the Porrate will be opened until Christmas Day. From then on, the Craft Market will take its place. Both are the perfect place for us to find gifts, but also to enjoy the traditional Christmas gastronomy of the Mediterranean, such as mantecados, Christmas sweets, and marzipans, but above all, the famous turrones of Jijona.

In addition to street activities, the theaters will be filled with performances suitable for all ages. The Main Theater will host, among others, the Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet and will welcome 2018 with the traditional New Year’s Concert.

Come to see Volvo Ocean Race

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1.- Volvo Ocean Race and Alicante

The city of Alicante will receive for the fourth time the most important sailing race in the world. This will be the second time since the appointment as a permanent port of departure. Its excellent facilities, together with the magnificent  weather conditions all-year round, make Alicante the ideal place to prepare the competition and say goodbay to the sailors.

2.- A short history

Approaching 40 years of competition, its first edition was in 1973 and it was called Whitbread. This will be the 12th edition and its reputation of being the hardest proof of  sailing race in the world is because of the 9 months of competition that the sailors must do over the Earth. It is about a race sailing the seas with the biggest currents, icebergs and the competition of the best race teams.

3.- The route

The greatest distance travelled by all the races, 45.000 nautical miles over all oceans in the world, divided into 11 stages. Departing from the city of Alicante, there will be stops in Lisbon, Cape Town, Melbourne, Hong Kong,  Guangzhou, Auckland, Itajai, Newport, Cardiff, Gotemburg y finally, the Hague, where the winner ship will be crowned.

4.- Teams in competition

There will be seven teams competing to raise the treasured cup. The list consists of:

– Azkonobel, Dutch team, the first in starting line in the competition, skippered by Simeon Tienpont.

– Mapfre, Spanish team, led by Paco Campos, who will try to be the first Spanish team to be champion.

–An interesting cooperation will be Vestas 11th Hour Racing, commanded by the Americans Charlie Enright and Mark Towill.

–Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag  team, from Hong Kong, will try to bring the flavor of the competition to Asia, driven by the Australian David Witt.

–Another different option is Turn the Tide on Plastic team, led by the British Dee Caffari. It is a young team ready to win.

– A second Dutch team is Brunel, whose leader EY. Bouwe Bekking will try to win this race.

–Lastly, the Chinese team DongFeng Racing Team, in its second participation, hand in hand with Charles Caudrelier, French sailor, will try to get again on the top of the podium. This team will prepare its race in the central Apartamentos Tito San Agustín, modern and well endowed of all the comforts, which allow the team to go, in top shape, in search of victory.

5.-Enjoy the city of Alicante

For all those who want to enjoy the race, the city of Alicante provides a wide offer for all: beaches with white sand and clear water, the opportunity of visiting Ciudad de la Luz to explore the film industry and its magnificent harbor. There, you can see the bases of all the teams, discover the recreations of the places where the sailors will go and everything related to the race.

Alicante on bike

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Are you passionate about moving on bike, both in the city as well as through mountains or roads? Would you like to discover new places and do it in an active and unique way? If so, bike touring in Alicante is a great option for you and your family. We are sure that in the area of Alicante you could find that route with which you always dreamed and which you will remember for a long time. Besides, you can stay with all the comforts at Apartamentos Tito.

  1. Where to do bike touring?

Alicante it is not a very big city and you can go easily all over on bike. Besides, if you stay in one of our apartments, for instance those located on San Agustin, you will be right in the heart of the city and you could move easily on bike from one part to another. Choose one of the rent a bike companies you can find in Alicante, or bring yours from home and prepare yourself to enjoy.

2. The best bicycle routes

If the capital of this area is fantastic to discover on bike, the province enjoys all sorts of attractions for that purpose. You can ride the bike on the road and find very picturesque villages, such as Altea or Xàbia, or you can get into the mountains, such as Bernia or Sierra de Aitana.

3. Aigües to Alicante road route

A great choice for those who really enjoy road routes, paths and villages, is the road which comes out from the place of Aigües and finishes in Alicante. This road has less than 30 kilometers. Through it you will enjoy magnificent views of Alicante coast, you will discover charming villages, such as Busot or Mutxamel. It is not about a difficult route.

4. From Arenales del Sol to Santa Pola

If you want to have the best views to the Mediterranean, as well as to the coast of Alicante, we highly recommend this route from Arenales del Sol to Santa Pola. It is a short route, but is well worth visiting.

Bike touring is a resource increasingly used in Alicante. The diversity of landscapes in this area, its good weather and its excellent roads makes it an essential place for all kind of trips on bike. Let’s practice some of the most beautiful routes on bike through Alicante.